This 15-minute webinar discusses the basics of the Modern Data Architecture that centers around Data Virtualization that elegantly connects to and integrates existing data sources like big data platforms, data warehouses, custom applications and cloud sources, with less complexity and cost, faster access to analytic data.

TIBCO is a market leader in Data Virtualization and Erik shares his experience with implementing TIBCO DV in (large) organizations that want to create more business value out of the huge amounts of data available. Data that is often scattered, difficult to access and to understand.

TIBCO DV offers capabilities to connect securely to any data source, abstract source data models to virtual, agile data models that fit the various needs of the business user. TIBCO DV supports any analytical tool for fast and easy data access using the virtual data layers. A use case that includes

TIBCO DV as an enabler for real-time patient analytics using data virtualization, machine learning and big data storage is addressed, as are our best practices on how to start with TIBCO DV (business cases, use cases, Proof of Concepts, training, implementation)

More information about TIBCO NOW 2020 presentation on Data Virtualization

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