We can do better quality analyses as the data is clearly easier to access, analyze, and use.

We can validate and develop our product group and client strategies

more systematically with the help of POS data.

Han van Bijnen, Senior IT Manager

Candy maker Cloetta merges local and global data using TIBCO Data Virtualization

Improved forecasting and optimized campaigns, sales, and inventory levels




Cloetta’s data was mainly stored in an enterprise data warehouse (EDW). The time needed to make new data available for reporting through the EDW was relatively long. Local and external data comes in high volumes, is scattered in many parts or objects, and is unstructured. The business expects a fast time to solution, thus eventually data needs to be retrieved in real-time.

The business was manually creating reports, which was time-consuming, inefficient, exposed to errors, and sometimes impossible due to large amounts of data. Data and reports were not readily available for everyone who needed them.

Cloetta wanted to find a way to combine global, local, internal, and external data into one comprehensive report. The limited number of users on some of these reports required that any solution be cost-efficient.



Cloetta turned to TIBCO partner Connected Data Group for advice on its technology gap and to assess if and how data virtualization could help to close the gap. The company concluded that it needed to enrich its current solution with a data virtualization tool that would make data available using the existing EDW or the data virtualization tool itself.

“Data can be made available in two ways, by using the existing and traditional EDW solution, or by using data virtualization, so-called bimodal IT, where the EDW solution is the marathon runner and data virtualization the sprinter solution,” said Han van Bijnen, senior IT manager.

In its tool selection process, Cloetta used a Value for Money model on Excel, scoring the functions, performance, vendor qualifications, support, and consultancy required against the total cost of ownership for the first five years of usage. The company went with TIBCO® Data Virtualization because it received the best score and received positive feedback from customer references.



Processing Local and External Data for a Faster Time to Solution

The TIBCO Data Virtualization server has been added as a new layer within the existing BI solution, with the possibility to process local and external data faster. The data served is now combined with internal EDW data, and over time, the TIBCO Data Virtualization server should transform into Cloetta’s logical data warehouse.

“We can please our business, our data consumers, with BI solutions that would never have been feasible without TIBCO Data Virtualization. We can work on fulfilling our BI strategy for the coming years and converge from a traditional EDW to a logical data warehouse,” said Sofie Hönen, solution architect.


Improving Forecast Accuracy and Campaigning

By helping Cloetta better understand the dynamics of the whole supply chain, TIBCO Data Virtualization has allowed the company to improve forecast accuracy, and optimize campaigning, in-store sales pressure, and inventory levels. The company is able to generate insights from its CRM, warehouse-to-store, and point of sales data. The combined data set serves more end users across the company, enabling fact-based management and tactical and strategic decision-making.

“Now we can combine new data that we made available through data virtualization with the data that we had before in the enterprise data warehouse. It’s a strong combination,” said Ms. Hönen.

Cloetta strives for one version of the truth and one set of numbers, so there is no need for assumptions, resulting in less discussion and better execution. Master data is embedded in all processes, allowing effective reporting for fast discovery of deviations in plans and corrective actions as needed. With the right data at the right moment at the right place, Cloetta can focus on organized analysis instead of ad hoc data collection and reconciliation.

“With the data, we have effective reporting, and it allows us to quickly discover deviations between plans and to take corrective, proactive actions when needed,” said Mr. van Bijnen.


Saving Time and Money with Faster Reporting

TIBCO Data Virtualization saves Cloetta time and money. It helps create reports faster and more effectively, improve forecasting and campaigning, and manage in-store sales and inventory by allowing a better understanding of the supply chain. For Cloetta, it doesn’t get any sweeter than that.



Cloetta hopes to turn its EDW solution into a logical data warehouse where data consumers can shop for data from one platform regardless of where the data comes from. With more self-service, staff won’t have to manage each and every inquiry.



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