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Data Dolphins (formerly BI Consult) is home to entrepreneurial and ambitious professionals in the data domain. The growing club of 35 consultants helps organizations to become data-driven and is one of the top 25% in the Netherlands.

As part of The Human Network, Data Dolphins combines the personal and agile character of a small organization with the strength and stability of a large company and works for clients such as: ABN-AMR0, Province of Zuid Holland, Stedin, Ministry of Justice and Security, Enexis, Alliander, Nationale Nederlanden, ProRail, Dutch Railways, Vodafone Ziggo, Tax Authorities and others

By entering into a sustainable partnership with Connected Data Academy, the Connected Data Group training institute, Data Dolphins ensures that they continue to take the lead as a sparring partner for the analysis, design and implementation of data-driven customer projects.

Data Dolphins | Utrecht – NL
T. +31 30 890 54 23


Data plays an increasingly important role within organizations. The demand for faster, deeper and better analysis of data continues to grow. The shift of structured data, from ‘classic’ Business Intelligence to the new world of real-time and unstructured data, and the transition to the Cloud is making the field increasingly broader.

The traditional way of collecting, transforming data and ultimately offering information to the end user (usually via data warehouses) is in many cases no longer sufficient. At the same time, the need to integrate and analyze information is growing and new methods and techniques such as Data Virtualization, Data Management and Data Science are increasingly being used.

“The transition to the Cloud,
just like the demand for Data Engineers and Data Scientists,
is an important change in the market
that we want to continue to respond to.
We do this by educating people
in a broader and more specialized way.” 

– Sanne van der Hilst

By combining traditional data analysis skills with new concepts, techniques and tools, the Data Dolphins professionals remain frontrunners and really help their customers take a step further.
As a link between Business and IT, they always know how to offer
the best possible solutions that directly improve the results of organizations



“We are fully focused on the expertise of our professionals. Guiding our consultants in their development so that they can help our customers
is the challenge we face every day.

Connected Data Academy helps our team to
develop and keep their knowledge and applications in the field of BI, Data Science, Modern Data Architecture, Data Management and Data Modeling up-to-date. They think along and, just like our professionals, come up with proposals based on their own vision and experience.

Our collaboration consists of so much more than just training.”

Data Dolphins Business Managers; Lotte de Groote, Sanne van der Hilst and Erik den Ouden (from left to right


The showed team photo was taken for the outbreak of COVID-19

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growth potential


Some organizations have a great growth potential. To help them to accelerate, we want to bridge the gap between the ‘old world’ of reports and visualizations and the ‘new world’ of Data Science, Lotte de Groote indicates.

Hiring a Data Scientist does not guarantee a data-driven approach. It is precisely by connecting both worlds, Data & Analytics, that our consultants add value, she continues.

To achieve that goal, our people need to be trained by trainers who understand how to shape the transition from Data to Analytics. Theoretically by connecting related themes and in a practical sense by almost naturally connecting with what is relevant at our customers.

“Customers are also in the transition
and very happy with our people
who can take them by the hand.
Leading with knowledge

is the core of our business.”
– Sanne van der Hilst

The choice for Connected Data Academy is a combination of facts, experiences and feelings. The way of training – switching between different levels and the relevant practical examples – appeals to our people and offers them the helicopter view and the depth with which we can make a difference.

There is now better way to grow than to learn form people who really know how it works. That applies to all of us.

“Reliability and quality
is what we look for in the partner,
you have to be able to rely on that.
Connected Data Academy always deliver.”

– Erik den Ouden




The only constant in our field is change. What is stable is our ambition to keep up successfully and to antici-pate developments. It is not for a reason that we have also been incredibly successful this (corona) year. We are growing, looking for new people, were constantly ‘sold out’, new projects have started and our oppor-tunities have potentially quadrupled, says Erik den Ouden.

New technologies, concepts and continuously wanting to add value to the customer ensures that we want to continue to develop. The sharing of knowledge is a parallel process with the developments in the market. With this we keep our professionals Up & Running.


Do you, like the professionals of Data Dolphins, want to know which steps are needed to guide organizations and teams in their digital transfor-mation? Or do you want to move in the direction of Data & Analytics from your background as a BI specialist? Please feel free to contact Connected Data Academy;

T. +31 6 40 40 50 75