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Data Vault and Data Virtualization: Double Agility

A data vault is a modern approach to building enterprise data warehouses. The Data Vault and Data Virtualization: Double Agility technical whitepaper by Rick van der Lans of R20/Consultancy, describes the SuperNova modeling technique.

Cloetta merges local and global data for improved forecasting, sales, and inventory

Candymaker Cloetta needed a way to combine global, local, internal, and external data into one comprehensive report.  Today Cloetta uses BI solutions that would never have been feasible without TIBCO Data Virtualization, helping staff understand supply chain dynamics and improve forecast accuracy, campaigns, decision-making, and more.


Data Virtualization and logical Virtual Ensembles

Download our presentation for the Data Vault Ensemble Rising 2020 congress, to see how the road to a virtual data model leads us into the world of ensemble modeling