Global Data Summit Antoine Stelma en Philip du Maine

On June 29th and 30th Connected Data Group and SingleStore teamed up for a virtual conversation around Data Routes and Ensemble Logical Modeling at the Global Data Summit.

Antoine and Philip shared their experience on how to implement virtual Ensemble Logical Model with Data Virtualization as the data broker for your data consumption. The data routes are implemented using the pipeline and high-performance capability of the SingleStore DB. 

SingleStore is one of the fastest-growing data processing engines of this new century. Leading Tier-1 Financial Services institutions along with tech visionaries such as Uber, Comcast, and Akamai have adopted SingleStore to drive insights and analytics fast and in the moment, at scale, with high concurrency.

In the session, An Introduction to SingleStore presented by Sukki Sandhar, we’ll help you understand how SingleStore works, and why so many top-tier customers have adopted it.

This virtual event is part of the Global Data Summit’s Virtual Summit Series presented by SingleStore. Along with the presentation we will also have Breakout Room Networking where attendees can connect with other data professionals for engaging discussions that move data technology forward.

View the event recording: 


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