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Our customers need Data & Analytics solutions that add tangible business value, can quickly adapt to new business, regulatory or IT requirements and are cost-effective.

Connected Data Group has in-depth knowledge and experience with helping SMB, enterprise and governmental organizations implementing agile data architectures and solutions. Our starting point in all cases is defining together with the customer the principles of the data architecture before defining the necessary capabilities and solutions.

principles of the agile data architecture

  • Data and the meaning of data are managed separately
  • Storage and Compute are implemented and managed
  • Requirements determine capabilities and technological solutions.
    In that order

capabilities of the data architecture

An agile data architecture needs to adhere to the principles and support the right capabilities to satisfy the business and IT requirements.

data access

  • Secure and fast access to any data source, service or applications

data logistics

  • Data routes for designing solution pipelines
  • Full automation and generation of pipelines
  • Data orchestration for managing any data route and pipeline

data modeling and semantics

  • Virtual data modeling for integration, data abstraction and self-service
  • Business rule execution
  • Metadata harvesting

data management

  • Master data management
  • Data cataloging
  • Data quality management

storage and compute

  • Fast and scalable storage alternatives for historization and performance
  • Compute power for (advanced) analytics

data delivery and analytics

  • API management for secure and efficient access to data
  • Reporting, Visualization and dashboarding
  • Data Science and machine learning
  • External data delivery
  • Self-service

solutions of the data architecture

Our vision on the agile data architecture serves as a template for defining capabilities and solutions.. There are many solution architectures possible and Connected Data Group has defined the Connected Data & Analytics Platform as a solution architecture that can serve all capabilities in an agile way. The solution architecture supports incremental development based on capabilities that can be expanded gradually over time.

Connected Data & Analytics Platform consists of the following four core solutions to support a wide range of requirements and capabilities:

  • TIBCO Virtualization for enterprise data integration, smart
    connectivity to any data source including streaming data, API-led data delivery for analytics and supporting use cases like Virtual Data Layers, Logical Data warehouses and Data-as-a-Service
  • Apgar Data Catalog for automatic metadata harvesting, data cataloging and metadata management
  • Microsoft Azure for data storage, ETL/ELT processing, data historization and the rapid processing of (big) data streams and data analytics
  • SingleStore, the distributed SQL database built for operational analytics which runs anywhere from bare metal to hybrid cloud

Full integration of master data and metadata management solutions is supported by the platform. We can work with any tool including TIBCO EBX and solutions from Informatica, SAP and Collibra

The platform supports any analytical solution including TIBCO SpotfireTableau and Microsoft PowerBI and many more

You can build and manage your own platform using our core solutions or you can integrate your own solutions. We support all leading data & analytics solutions

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