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Our team has a long-term background in Analytics and Business Intelligence, starting with exploring and implementing Business Intelligence and Datawarehousing in the 90s and 00s.
Since then, we have been designing and developing dashboards, portals and management information reports for numerous customers in all industries, based on the sound analyses of goals, KPI definitions, data source analysis and data modeling

We are recognized experts in data modelling, especially data vault, ensemble and dimensional modeling. In our services, we position the data model as a fundamental aspect of the Analytics and Business Intelligences solution, as it ensures a common language and meaning of data. Crucial for decision making and data exchange

We support a wide range of state-of-the-art tools and design principles for data visualization, dashboarding and interactive reporting both in the cloud and on-premise and as-a-service.
In recent years our team has continued to enhance its expertise and experience in analytics, data science and statistics, providing our customers with even more value with in-depth expertise on platforms, tools, methodologies and implementations

Analytics and Business Intelligence solutions benefit from an agile data architecture and proper data management to deliver any data at any time, in any form. Our expertise and experience with agile data architecture and data management ensures our customers their Analytics and Business Intelligence solutions truly deliver the value they expect



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