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We understand that organizations are drowning in data and starving for information and insight. State-of-the-art Data Analytics solutions can certainly support fast, easy and secure access to data and help understand the often-implicit relations and causalities to support better decision making and operational and customer excellence. 

However, finding, understanding and using the data can be very challenging for both solution developers within IT departments and data consumers in the business and the supply chain. Data may be outdated or even incorrect, difficult to comprehend, not consistent, poorly or undefined, very complex to query and often locked in data silos.

This makes analyzing the data, scattered throughout the organization and supply chain, often extremely time-consuming and error-prone. Resulting in limited business value and high costs.

Data should be treated as an asset. Data is not simply a by-product of some systems and processes, but a crucial aspect of running and innovating organizations. Data should create tangible value for your organization and customer and like other assets, like employees and customer, needs proper management and governance

We work according to the DMBOK-2 framework for Data Management and Governance

The DAMA Wheel

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