Data & Analytics Consultancy

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Our extensive data & analytics knowledge and experience in various industries in combination with our worldwide network of specialized partners ensures we can support any of your data & analytics challenges

our consultancy services

  • Strategic data & analytics advice and business case development
  • Expert advice on agile data architecture, technical scenarios, tool selection, best practices, cloud migration and cloud implementation strategies
  • Agile data architecture design and implementation
  • Data management and data governance advice and implementation
  • Agile data modeling including Ensemble Logical Modeling, Data Vault modeling and dimensional modeling
  • Analysis, design and implementation of your data & analytics solutions
  • Implementation with TIBCO Data Virtualization and SingleStore
  • Analytics solution implementation with all leading platforms including Microsoft, TIBCO and SingleStore
  • Use case development, proof of concepts and pilots of your data & analytics challenges
  • Expert advice and coaching during the implementation of your data & analytics projects
  • Training and coaching of your data & analytics teams via Connected Data Academy

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