Data & Analytics Licences

provides access to software

We resell various software licenses at beneficial terms for the use of:

    • TIBCO® Data Virtualization
      An enterprise data virtualization solution that orchestrates access to multiple and varied data sources and delivers the datasets and IT-curated data services foundation for nearly any solution
    • TIBCO Spotfire®
      TIBCO Spotfire® software is the most complete analytics solution on the market, enabling everyone to explore and visualize new discoveries in data through immersive dashboards and advanced analytics
    • SingleStore Enterprise Database
      The distributed SQL database built for operational analytics which runs anywhere from bare metal to hybrid cloud
    • SingleStore Managed Service
      The fully-managed, on-demand cloud database service for fast analytics on your cloud of choice
    • Apgar Data Catalog
      The Apgar Data Catalog is the missing piece to enable end-to-end data governance and the enabling capability to overcome today’s data challenges
    • Tableau Software portfolio
      Tableau is a visual analytics platform transforming the way we use data to solve problems—empowering people and organizations to make the most of their data
    • Microsoft Azure subscriptions and hosting as service
      Turn your ideas into innovation with trusted Azure products and services

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