Value-Added Reseller Partner for SingleStore DB and Managed Service

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Value-Added Reseller Partner for SingleStore DB and Managed Service

Connected Data Group is Value-Added Reseller Partner for Singlestore since 2021.

SingleStore DB is a distributed, relational database that handles both transactions and real-time analytics at scale. It is accessible through standard SQL drivers and supports ANSI SQL syntax including joins, filters, and analytical capabilities (e.g. aggregates, group by, and windowing functions).

SingleStore DB scales horizontally on cloud instances or industry-standard hardware, providing high throughput across a wide range of platforms. The SingleStore DB database maintains broad compatibility with common technologies in the modern data processing ecosystem (e.g. orchestration platforms, developer IDEs, and BI tools), so you can easily integrate it into your existing environment. It features an in-memory row store and an on-disk column store to handle both highly concurrent operational and analytical workloads. SingleStore DB also features a data ingestion technology called SingleStore Pipelines that streams large amounts of data at high throughput into the database with exactly-once semantics.

SingleStore Architecture


SingleStore Managed Service is the world’s first converged cloud database combining transactions and analytics, ingest and query performance, scalability, and resiliency through self-managed clusters while handling all installation-, operation-, and management-related details. SingleStore Managed Service is designed and architected to tolerate and recover from failures. To maintain each cluster’s high availability (HA), SingleStore Managed Service runs on a highly resilient cloud infrastructure with high availability built-in.

SingleStore Managed Service high-level features include:

  • Cluster configuration, sizing, deployment, and monitoring via a graphical user interface (GUI)
  • Cloud-agnostic deployments on Amazon Web Services (AWS) and Google Cloud Platform (GCP), with Azure support slated for 2020, and others over time
  • Secure, with encryption of all data at rest, and TLS/SSL encryption for over-the-wire connections to the cluster
  • Automated infrastructure provisioning, configuration, elastic scaling, backups, hardware maintenance and failure management, and upgrades

Value-Added Reseller Partner and Implementation

We resell and implement SingleStore DB and SingleStore Managed Service for customers in multiple industries, both enterprise and SMB, often as part of the implementation of new strategic data & analytics architectures and platforms

SingleStore DB and Managed Service resources



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