TIBCO Italie Incrementare il Valore dei Dati con la Data Virtualization

On March 31st, 2021, Erik Fransen, co-founder of Connected Data Group, data virtualization project expert and TIBCO Silver Partner was invited as a guest speaker for the webinar ‘Increase Data Value with Data Virtualization’ organized by TIBCO Italy, on the five things business and IT-professionals need to know about Data Virtualization.

With a focus on how to accelerate Business Value with Data & Analytics Umberto Torelli, journalist at Corriere della Sera, one of the largest newspapers in Italy known for the critical and attentive attitude of its journalists, spoke some words of and outlined a brief overview of today’s data & analytics market.

In this era of immeasurable growth of data, a period in which economic success is a direct result of the way in which you use data as an asset, Torelli introduces the Data Big Five. Companies that are now, at the beginning of the fourth industrial revolution, building their business model around data, realize that data is an important resource that must be quickly translated into a smart business application.

The presence of 5G, AI, VR, IoT and Cloud Computing tilts every business model. Data offers unprecedented new possibilities and at the same time numerous new challenges. For example, an answer must be found to the tsunami of data with which organizations are overloaded and which they repeatedly copy, distribute and store for analytics. More importantly, ultimately all relevant data will have to be analyzed because only then will it generate value. “Turning data into advantage is challenging.” Piergiorgio Cimminio, Senior Director Presales at TIBCO added. 

To deliver consistent, high quality and IT-curated data an agile, flexible and adaptable solution is required, he continued. “Cloud migration is a strategical driver to better integrate Data and Applications. Data Virtualization is the related tool.” according to Amedeo Muro, Vice President EMEA & APJ CLOUD Sales at TIBCO.

Data Virtualization truly address todays and tomorrow’s Data & Analytics challenges Erik Fransen confirmed. “With Data Virtualization, a modern data layer in your architecture to overcome bottlenecks such as access, federation, abstractions and provisioning, we fuel the modern enterprise.”

Not only the time-to-market is 5‒10X faster compared to traditional DataWarehousing and ETL. You’ll get into production faster than alternative methods and can fulfill your analytic data needs at scale with breakthrough speed and cost effectiveness, Erik and his team experienced by implementing TDV throughout the world.

From an IT-point of view virtually integrated data required less physical overhead. TDV help technical teams to focus on how to provision and manage data with less engineering time. There is no need to build and support multiple specialized data marts. Any type of data, in any format, from any system, internally and externally, is (near) real time and at scale available without replication.

From a Business point of view a virtual data layer ease the immediate, independent and authorized access to data. TDV connects to all underlined sources while the business-friendly data views hide the complex IT infrastructure. Users are empowered to use their favorite analytics tools to obtain results.

“As analytics users, you know that organizations with the most advanced analytics capabilities outperform their competitors. Data Virtualization provides you the data agility to achieve better business outcomes. By modernizing your data architecture with a virtual layer your organization will become, almost self-evident, more data driven.” Piergiorgio summarized.

With less efforts, reduced costs and more data focus, the adoption of Data Virtualization is a low risk, Erik continued. “Customers typically start with use case based projects, grow to domain level and over time expand usage to a broader enterprise-scale as they build up their skills and inventory of consistent and repeatable virtualized datasets.

Alberto Bonadonna, Senior Technology Architect Cloud First at Accenture, then showed a Telecom customer case he worked on. A project in which new form of partner involvement required advanced technologies to monitor the processes of the application map such as: average process timing, result, purchases, readings and collections acquired during the day related to Key Performance Indicators based on: Ownership, Forms of Reward/Penalty and Calculation Methodology.

By describing the process of implementing Data Virtualization a new engagement model including tools, existing definition for usages, resources to calculate metrics, uniquely establish ownership and responsibility is shaped. To meet specific business objectives Data Virtualization complemented the existing data sources in a single logical layer.  Unified, governed, secure and on demand for making faster and smarter decisions, Alberto said.

At the end, after all questions were answered the webinar was closed with the conclusion:
Data Virtualization is a different and scalable approach to drive greater busines impact with relevant data delivery!

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