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Silver Partner for TIBCO Data Virtualization

Since 2014, we have been active in Data Virtualization and have been recognized as experts in TIBCO® Data Virtualization by our partner TIBCO, our implementation partners and customers.

Data virtualization makes complex data simple – placing a business-friendly layer over your data – that makes it easier to find, understand and use. Your users focus on data’s business value, while your data engineers take care of the rest


Reselling and implementation

We resell and implement TIBCO® Data Virtualization for customers in multiple industries, both enterprise and SMB, often as part of the implementation of new strategic data & analytics architectures and platforms

Our TIBCO Data Virtualization customers

In recent years amongst others Volkswagen PON Financial Services, Cloetta, Klaverblad Verzekeringen, APG, RIVM, Stichting Havensteder have acquired TIBCO Data Virtualization software via Connected Data Group and we have been active in supporting our customers with the implementation and integration of TIBCO Data Virtualization with their (cloud) data architectures.

Other customers that made use of our TIBCO® Data Virtualization expertise are TATA Steel Europe, Amdocs (Israel), SQA (Scotland), Belfius (Belgium), Dental (USA), Bayer (Germany) to name a few.

Our TIBCO Data Virtualization partners

We have teamed up with established partners throughout the world and work closely together in building commercial offerings, organizing virtual events on specific topics, consultancy and implementation of our mutual Data & Analytics services and training of our customers.

TIBCO® Data Virtualization resources 

Access, combine, and provision all your enterprise data
TIBCO® Data Virtualization

Selection of whitepapers
Whitepaper TIBCO® Data Virtualization

Use cases
Use case Virtual Data Layer
Use case Logical Data Warehouse
Use case Data-as-a-Service

Customer cases
Cloetta case

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