Invitation Virtual event:
“Improve the information provision of your housing corporation with virtual data models”

January 19, 2021 10.00-11.30

Stichting Havensteder, TIBCO and Connected Data Group invite you to this unique virtual event dedicated to Data Virtualization, especially aimed at the application within housing corporations.

The application of Data Virtualization simplifies, standardizes, improves and accelerates the process of internal and external information provision from A to Z. You have full control over the provision of information and insight into the quality, reliability and effectiveness of the entire chain.

The unique feature is that the data is not copied to a new data layer: all data remains in the original source and is also managed there.

Havensteder has successfully applied the Virtual Ensemble Logical Modeling approach in combination with TIBCO Data Virtualization software. They share their experience of how they have more control over their own data with a faster, more transparent and consistent data delivery.

This virtual event is provided in Dutch.

Connected Data Group - Woningcorporatie event 19-1-2021

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