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TPS is an outsourcing agency and the trainer of talent in business services and offers young professionals the opportunity to develop in the early years of their career to, for example, Business and Information Analyst or Business Intelligence Specialist.

In addition to preparing for a career, via an Applied Science/University traineeship that combines work, learning and life, they make the right match every day between Young Professionals’ ambitions and the demand for talent in challenging projects.

More than 300 professionals have been outsourced by TPS to various clients within segments such as (large) banks and (healthcare) insurers like ING, Achmea, Nationale Nederlanden and ABN AMRO.

TPS is located in Amsterdam and Rotterdam. In 2020, TPS opened a branch office for Asia in Singapore to develop a Business & Data talent pool there as well.  Connected Data Academy works together with TPS in providing Data & Analytics training for their professionals.


TPS | Amsterdam & Rotterdam


Organizations are always moving forward and that is why the need for knowledge, skills and commitment of people is also changing. In order to respond to this ongoing change,TPS helps organizations to make the connecting between the company and the deployment of professionals of the future.

By constantly being alert to developments in the market and talking with their trainees and clients, TPS knows where the innovation is and they can develop their professionals around it as a perfect match.

Over the years, the increasing use of data in organizations has been particularly noticeable. What started as a shift from Microsoft Excel to tools like for instance Microsoft Power BI, Tableau and TIBCO Spotfire has translated into a growing demand for, for example, information and business analysts.

By making people more aware of how you can look at data (even more), you increase data drive and build bridges that contribute to the operating result.
Daniel van Beek

With the use of data, the professionals of TPS provide real answers to issues. They make decision-making fact-based and encourage process improvements.

Cooperating partner

“TPS believes in lasting relationships with a personal approach. We recognize that in Connected Data Academy. The pro-activity in thinking along, always looking ahead, sharpening, what exactly is needed, what do we see happening in the market,….

They look very closely at the exact needs of us as a customer, respond well to this and always look for the connection. Customer is not even the right word, much more a partner. Because they are so capable of transferring their experience, we make our Young Professionals proven productive.”

Daniel van de Beek, Unitmanager Business & Data

Daniel van Beek
Unitmanager Business & Data

Tamara van Dijk
Country Director APAC 

Martijn Schekkerman
TPS Data Talent

A realistic approach of data

Within TPS we train our talents in various knowledge programs. We prefer to make our training courses in co-creation with clients, says Tamara van Dijk, who also prefers to collaborate with external training partners.

In Connected Data Academy we found a party that can guide our talents to the data-related aspects of the business. As experienced experts in the field of Data & Analytics, they succeed in transferring a mix of theory and practical knowledge, Daniel van de Beek adds.

After talking to several parties we started a pilot with Connected Data Academy without hesitation. To full satisfaction and unconsciously also very much ‘lean’ because there are constant ambitions to improve performance.

From a didactical perspective, I especially
experienced the small scale as very valuable.
The room to keep asking questions made the training, in combination with the hands-on labs
very pragmatic and realistic.”
– Martijn Schekkerman, TPS Data Talent

Looking back on his own internship, Martijn, who talks about data with enthusiasm and conviction, would have liked to have been prepared for the question: ‘How do you deal with it if not everyone immediately responds enthusiastically to your data presentation!?’ To add directly to that, having learned this quickly in practice.


It’s inherent to TPS to offer our people the most steep learning curve possible. After having followed multiple Connected Data Academy-courses, the data talents prove that they can quickly handle a variety of Data & Analytics assignments, Tamara van Dijk says.

“Together with Connected Data Academy,
we develop fully fledged data professionals
that seamlessly match the organizational needs
and keep up with the speed at which the world of
Data & Analytics is growing.

Daniel van de Beek

Our people know that it’s about the business value of data. The realization that a real problem in the business needs to be solved or improved encourages them to remain eager to learn. That is what we want. Even if the Young Professional status has been behind them for some time and they, like us, want to look beyond national borders.