TDWI SingleStore 2021

At the TDWI Conference 2021 Antoine Stelma of Connected Data Group and Sukki Sandhar of SingleStore showed the audience the capabilities of SingleStore from two different angles.

First Angle
Sukki provided insights on the concept of the Unified Database for Analytics and how the SingleStore architecture supports the Gartner definition of Hybrid Transaction Analytical Processing (HTAP). HTAP is an application architecture that “breaks the wall” between transaction processing and analytics. Learn more about HTAP.  

Sukki explained how SingleStore helps to consolidate and simplify your architecture while it provides you a blazing fast data platform. Due its scalability, ultra-fast ingestion of data and sub-second latencies organizations can scale out their data platform while optimizing the cost.

As SingleStore runs everywhere, on-premises, self-hosted cloud, hybrid of in containers organizations are supported with a flexible cloud strategy.


Second Angle
With an extensive background as a data architect Antoine gave the audience insights on how to use the multi model architecture and universal Storage of SingleStore in a Data and Analytics platform.

Antoine showed the concept of the Universal Database. Instead of having multiple database types for different purposes, SingleStore provides this as a functionality within the Universal Database.

Can you imagine one data model in one database with tables that supports 

  • No-SQL Key-Value Pairs
    • High speed look-up
  • Time Series
    • Process real time data using time series analysis
  • Procedures, Triggers and Functions
    • A rich collection to support (dynamic) SQL to process and govern data
  • Geospatial
    • Use the onboard geospatial functions to enrich your D&A platform
  • Full Text Search
    • Searching for words or phrases in a large body of text

In the second part Antoine gave insights in the concept of SingleStore Pipelines. With the SingleStore Pipelines you can extract, transform and load external data without any third-party in a robust and scalable way. This makes real-time ingestion of data possible using the exactly once-semantics to manage your data.  



Do you want to know more?
If you want to learn more about the SingleStore Universal Database, please contact feel free to Antoine Stelma for more information, download the slide deck of the Lunch and Learn session and try SingleStore for free. We’re pleased to help you.









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