Statsoft Partner Interview

StatSoft Europe & Connected Data Group – The New Value for Data!

The paired data & analytics expertise for more better, faster, and more sustainable results

Hamburg, D / Culemborg, NL – June 14​, 2021

StatSoft Europe (StatSoft), a specialized consulting company and solution provider in the field of data science, machine learning (ML), and artificial intelligence (AI) and its high valued service partner Connected Data Group, a digital transformation company with a focus on efficient data unification and provisioning create a new value in data management and analytics.

“Digitalization and transformation” is all about data. Or most of the new value in digitalization projects comes from data. Data is important when its generated, data must be fit for use and purpose.

The foundation of any digital transformation is connecting data, unifying data, and providing data in the right format to the right users, for the right purpose. This is the core competence of Connected Data Group. Analytics in different flavours generate the added value to data. This is the core competence of StatSoft.

Both companies have the same vision and process understanding in how to manage data and analytics projects: Data Scientists need raw data for their data research, Business Analysts need aggregated data for their reports, traders need streaming data for making better and faster decisions, in manufacturing you want to predict the final quality while still producing.

Connected Data Group stands for DATA and StatSoft for ANALYTICS = The New Value for Data.

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“Since the start of our partnership in 2019, Connected Data Group, the leading expert in data virtualization, add new and exciting services to our advanced analysis tools. With data virtualization, we can efficiently get access to the analytic data you are looking for, in real-time, with increased governance and better data organization.” Cosimo Caforio, Managing Director StatSoft (Europe) GmbH said.

“With the bundling of competences, we demonstrated additional advantages for the successful realization of data analytics projects.” Antoine Stelma, co-founding partner at Connected Data Group, explains. “By implementing Data Virtualization to the (existing) data architecture we make it easier for organizations to access, manage and provision their data. Our solutions process, manage and integrate any type of data and quickly adapt to changing business and IT requirements.”

Erik Fransen, co-founding partner at Connected Data Group, added: “Our customers experience less erroneous data, higher access speeds, reduced time for development and an increased focus on intelligent analysis. To strengthen the analytics professionals, individually or entire teams, we developed an extensive training portfolio. The offer ranges from Data Literacy, via Data Modelling and Tool Training to advanced Data Science programs.”

“Connected Data Group is a really strong partner. They combine technology with business and focuses on quality.” says Cosimo Caforio. “Together we offer our customers full data analysis services. We can help deliver better business solutions, increase process efficiency and faster innovations by using analytics and sharing our experience.”

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Watch our short video on our Partnership with Cosimo and Erik.

About Statsoft – StatSoft offers its customers full data analysis service. For over 30 years StatSoft experienced experts have been ensuring that solutions are successfully implemented. StatSoft customers can be found in the life science sector, in the manufacturing industry as well as in the finance industry or energy sector. The areas of application are correspondingly diverse. E.g., for process optimization and monitoring as well as in marketing and customer management. StatSoft customers include large as well as many medium-sized companies.

For questions, feedback or details please contact us and talk directly with the involved experts.

Antoine Stelma

Co-Founder &
Sr. Data Architect
T.  +31 6 28 76 82 26


Cosimo Caforio

Managing Director Data Innovation and Life Sciences
T. +41 7 94 20 67 19


Erik Fransen

Co-Founder, Partner Manager & Business Consultant
T.  +31 6 15 94 44 76