Webinar Recording "Turn Data Anarchy to Data Democracy" is available!
On June 8, 2021 we ran a Fireside Informal chat with Jean-Yves Falque of Apgar Consulting and Robert Eve of TIBCO, moderated by Alan Herron of TIBCO which let to interesting discussions and insights on how to move from Data Anarchy to Data Democracy as an organization.

A clear vision and strategy on Data Governance, Data Management and supporting Data Platforms (utilizing data automation, separating data from the meaning of data, avoiding data replication) are crucial to enable this transition.

The on-demand link to the recording is now available on: https://bit.ly/3csZDdx
Bob Eve spoke about his next blog on Data Fabric blog – you can find this here.
Thanks to all who have joined us, We hope you got useful insights for your digital transformation journey. 
Please fee free to contact us for questions, feedback or details. We’re pleased to help you.