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We ensure that our clients can focus on their Data & Analytics activities thanks to a flexible, reliable, secure and, above all, well-managed ICT environment.


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Objective Develop your data products quickly and reliably, fully managed and without technical complexity
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Result Flexible and stable Data & Analytics platform that allows any type of data to be processed into data products, at predictable costs and with complete peace of mind.

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Connected Data Cloud:
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You can fully focus on creating business value with data

We deliver the Connected Data Cloud completely as-a-service to our customers. This means that you can focus entirely on creating valuable data and analytics products such as reports, dashboards, machine learning and AI models and do not have to worry about running and maintaining the platform. The hosting, technical management of data and applications is taken care of by us and the costs are fixed and clear in advance. You can easy scale based on a transparant and predictable cost model.

Our Connected Data Group professionals provide additional Data & Analytics consultancy, training and support.

Multi-cloud ready virtual data architecture

The Connected Data Cloud unlocks data directly from the source. We do not replicate the data to all kinds of intermediate data layers, unless there is a good reason to do so. Think of building up history for data science or accountability. This makes the architecture of the platform simple: with data virtualisation, we connect directly to data sources on any (cloud) platform and, via a virtual data layer, data products are available in any desired form in real time for reporting, analytics and data exchange.

This not only saves on costs and minimises overall complexity, you can also respond to information needs better, faster and cheaper. Focus on produce valuable data products by focusing on analysis and design of data and data models instead of complex and costly data replication.

The Connected Data Cloud connects to your operational applications, datalakehouses, datawarehouses, real-time datastreams and any other data source and adds Data & Analytics capabilities like logical integration, easy and secure data distribution and any form of analytics. 

Suitable for any kind of data 

Because of this approach, it does not matter to the platform:

  • Where the data is stored (in an on-premises environment, in the public cloud or in a third-party database, such as open data);
  • What technology was used in that storage (relational database, NoSQL);
  • What the structure of the data is (relational data, timeseries data, geospatial data, text files, photos, videos, et cetera).

Industry-leading technologies 

We use only proven, industry-leading technologies that together form the Connected Data Cloud:

  • Denodo for Data Virtualisation, which is a logical data layer over the sources to be accessed, eliminating the need to replicate data;
  • SingleStore for the distributed, on-demand database for both transactional and analytical workloads;
  • Data Vault Builder for automation that integrates and stores data from different sources centrally in an automated way;
  • Denodo Data Catalog as a semantic portal that gives users easy access to data;
  • Various analytical and AI tools: integration with wide variety of front-end tools, included in the Connected Data Cloud.

Hosting and managed services by Open Line

We deliver the Connected Data Cloud fully hosted and as a managed service, provided by Open Line. Connected Data Group is an Open Line company.

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