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Objective Create grip on your data 
How Application of the DAMA DM-BoK framework
Result Grip on data is the basis for reliable insights

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Get a grip on data with data management

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We use the DAMA DM-BoK framework as a basis

The internationally recognized framework DAMA DM-BoK is the basis for our data management consulting and implementation.

By data management we mean:

  • organizing data policies based on data strategy;
  • organizing ownership of data;
  • maintaining data quality;
  • assigning the right metadata;
  • using data modeling for consistency;
  • managing master data;
  • setting up data security measures.

The more you are able to keep a grip on the various axes of data management and develop yourself, the more you get a grip on the data itself. And with that, the value of data becomes more quickly visible to the organisation.


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Data strategy scan in 5 days

With our data strategy scan, we map out within a week the level of your data management (‘as is’) and the steps you need to take to get to the ‘to be’ situation. We articulate this in a data strategy.
You can also opt for the in-depth scan of 20 days, in which we determine in detail the strategic, tactical and operational information needs in your organization and what is needed, in terms of manpower and technology, to meet them. In this way we translate your ambitions into a data strategy, business case and action plan.

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